Im Carnival Health Spa werden folgende Leistungen angeboten – sowohl für Damen wie auch für Herren.



Wellness Body Therapy Treatment Time
Wellness Acupressure/Deep Tissue 60,90,120minutes
Wellness Swedish BodyOil Care 60,90,120minutes
Traditional Thai Therapy 60,90,120minutes
Dual Reveal Therapy 60,90,120minutes
Wellness Oriental BodyHealing with Foot Work 60,90,120minutes
Hot Stone Renewal BodyTreatment 90, 120 minutes
Carnival Candle WaxTreatment 90,120 minutes
Carnival Red Flower OilPersonal Care 60, 90 minutes
Wellness Aroma TherapyTreatment 60,90,120minutes
Wellness Asian Traditional Therapy Time
Wellness Full BodyEnergy Balance 90,120 minutes
Wellness Tradition Asian Cupping 40minutes
Wellness Foot Reflexology Time
Wellness FootReflexology with Herbal Soak 45 minutes
Wellness FootReflexology with Crystal Soil 60, 90 minutes
Carnival Health SPA OrientalPackages Time
Carnival Health Spa Moroccan Bath 60minutes
Moroccan Bath withPersonal Care 90 minutes
Moroccan Bath + BodyScrub + Personal Care 100, 120 minutes
Carnival Man Facial  
Deep Cleaning Facial
Hydra Facial for Dehydrated Skin
?Marine Softness Ritual? for Sensitive Skin
?Pure Freshness Ritual? for Oli to Comb.
Oxygen Facial for all Skin Types
Hyaloronic Facial Treatment (for deep Wrinkles)
Collagen Facial Treatment Anti-Ageing (for Fines LinesWrinkles)
Carnival Man Hair Treatment  
Keratin short Hair Treatment
Hair Cut, Shampoo, Blow-Dry
Hair Cut, Shampoo, Blow-Dry, Hot oil treatment
Highlights with Frosting
Highlights with Foil
Hair Color
Carnival Man Hand & Foot Care  
Classic Manicure
Classic Pedicure
Carnival Foot Spa Pedicure
Carnival Foot Spa + Reflexology
CarnivalFood Spa Pedicure + 30 minute reflexology
Carnival Man Waxing/Shaving  
Full Body
Full Legs
Half Legs
Full Arms
Half Arms
Under Arms
Chest and Stomach
Bikini Line
Brazilian Wax/Shaving